You Won’t Believe the DNC’s Argument Against the Plaintiffs in Bernie Supporter’s Lawsuit

bernie lawsuit on the Buzzing Crow

Attorneys working for the Democratic National Committee are hoping a federal judge will throw out a lawsuit filed by a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters who believe they got duped into donating to the DNC. –

No matter where you fall politically, this kind of manipulation effects us all.  Vote OUT corruption.

Click here to read the class action lawsuit filed on 07/13/16 by Bernie Sander’s supporters who are suing the DNC after leaks revealed the Democratic National Committee stacked the deck in Hillary’s favor.

In the DNC’s motion to dismiss the case, they admit that the DNC bias was already well known, claiming plaintiffs had posted articles suggesting the bias weeks before donating.  They also claim that there is no evidence that the DNC’s bias swayed the outcome of the primaries.

If you’ve been living under a rock, allow Cenk of The Young Turks to break it down for you:


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