#stonetear – Former Sys Admin Posts Fuel Hillary Email Controversy


Controversy regarding Clinton’s email continues.   Twitter started buzzing late Sunday evening when Katica (@GOPPollAnalyst) posted forum threads with a user identified as “stonetear” which is Paul Combetta’s alleged online alias.  Paul Combetta works for the IT firm Platte River Networks, one of the 3 companies Hillary contracted to manage her private network, and was given immunity by the Department of Justice during Clinton’s server investigation.



In the posts, he asks how to replace an e-mail address with another address in a Microsoft Exchange database as well as .PST files, which are offline e-mail archives, stored locally within the user’s profile.  The timing of these alleged posts are important: July 23, 2014 – the day after the Benghazi Committee reached an agreement with the State Department on the production of records, according to the FBI’s timeline into the investigation of Clinton’s use of the server.  For a full timeline breakdown, click here.

Most of the evidence has been removed or deleted, but diligent Twitter and Reddit users have leveraged archives to reproduce what they claim are blatant attempts to conceal emails relevant to the committee’s investigation.



#stonetear - Former Sys Admin Posts Fuels Hillary Email Controversy

Original Post

Hello all- I may be facing a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email that I have both in a live Exchange mailbox, as well as a PST file. Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields in all of the emails we want to send out.


#stonetear – Former Sys Admin Posts Fuels Hillary Email Controversy


You can visit this thread by clicking here.

Platte River Invoice -Former Sys Admin Posts Fuels Hillary Email Controversy

PRN invoice for Mr. Combetta’s IT services.

Bypassing 2FA

Another alleged capture of stonetear on self.fortinet


If the evidence is true, it’s proof of a massive cover up and numerous federal violations but will depend on investigator’s ability to link Paul with the “stonetear” accounts.  For that, Twitter and Reddit have a few suggestions, such as the alleged account tagging “Paul Combetta” in the thread below or IP information used in in the help thread content.


StoneTear Reddit VTwinVapes



This discovery has prompted the committee on Science, Space, and Technology in Congress to prioritize interview requests with Paul Combetta and Bill Thorton, another Platte River Networks employee.



The use of a private server appears likely to haunt Clinton until the election in November.

Editor’s note:  There’s lots of information to sift through and I’ve tried to give as much credit as possible where it’s due.  If you have additional information you’d like to submit, or corrections to credits, please mail editor@buzzingcrow.com.

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