Sean Hannity Interviews Julian Assange

On January 3rd, 2017 ( 1/3/17 ) Sean Hannity interviewed Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, at an Ecuadorian embassy in London where he’s lived in asylum since August of 2012. Hannity discusses the 2016 presidental election, and allegations that Russia hacked the DNC.

Key points:

  • Assange has previously noted and reiterates that Russia (or any other state party) was not the source of the DNC and Podesta e-mail leak.
  • Assange points out how Obama is using lawyer-style wordsmithing to maintain the anti-Russia narrative.
  • Assange claims to have never met with Vladmir Putin or any surrogate.
  • Assange claims to have never met with Donald Trump or any surrogate.
  • Assange claims to have never met with Roger Stone or any surrogate.
  • Assange believes that Wikileaks publication did influence the election due to people’s distaste for the Clinton campaign’s own words.
  • Assange states if the information obtained by Wikileaks was regarding Donald Trump, he would publish it as well.
  • Assange notes that FBI-DHS joint-release on December 29 is published with a disclaimer that avoids accountability.
  • Assange notes that the alleged malware used to compromise the DNC is a commercially available tool produced by Ukraine.
  • Assange notes that John Podesta’s e-mail was compromised by a phishing e-mail scam, involving a spoofed site to which Podesta submitted his credentials.
  • Assange believes that Hillary maintained a private server to avoid congressional oversight.
  • Assange notes that he published e-mails by Sarah Palin in 2008, when she also used a server to circumvent FOIA requests.
  • Assange believes the best type of government comes from a government that is scrutinized by the people when they have true information about how government and major corporations are behaving.
  • Assange denies ever sexually assaulting anyone, claiming the smears are due to the nature of his work.

Wikileaks maintains a 100% accuracy rating and has never been proved incorrect or inaccurate.


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