Hacking History: Bill to include “Russian Hacking” into CA Textbooks Introduced

Tucker Carlson interviews California assemblyman Marc Levine who has prepared a bill to include alleged Russian hacking during the election cycle in 2016 in K12 history books.

Fortunately, the hypocrisy of this proposition has not gone unnoticed, considering the gravity of our own meddling globally.

Marc is a staunch critic of Trump and has suggested his policies are on par with ethnic cleansing, displayed in these tweets found on Twitter:

If we’re being honest, our government is comprised of several intelligence agencies with many political actors at home and abroad dedicated to shifting outcomes and attitudes in favor of “US interests”.  Right or wrong, this concept isn’t new and is done by nations all over the world.  The reality is (and history will correctly record) establishment Democrats that supported Hillary Clinton’s 2016 bid for President refuse to internalize the historic defeat — instead blaming unverifiable outside entities and “fake news” sites to avoid accountability for losing the election against an already divided Republican party.

Insinuating Americans are unable to discern fact from blantant propaganda should be considered offensive; underestimating the intelligence of the American people is dangerous and as this election has shown – political suicide.  If Democrats continue to press this ridiculous narrative, expect 8 more years of Trump.

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