Counting Crows


“The advertisements are the most truthful part of a newspaper.”

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Third President of the United States

11/02/16 – Regardless of who gets elected, we’ve got a lot to do to clean up the mess we’ve found ourselves in.  At the end of an obviously rigged primary, Bernie called on us to fix the things that are broken in our nation by becoming them and making our voices heard.  Our political system is broken.  As an engineer, I’ve dedicated myself to public service and work grossly under-paid for a great school district.  I probably wouldn’t make the best politician but, like many of you, I recognize how divisive, partisan and establishment driven MSM’s narratives generally are.  This is NOT news and quite often, it’s flat out manipulation.

counting crows

I research, a lot.  I spend a lot of time doing it because it’s important to me.  The world we leave in our wake is important to me; it should be important to all of us.  I founded to bring awareness to the real issues of our day, our successes, and the challenges we must overcome.  For me, it’s fulfilling to lend my services toward growing an unfiltered repository of information aimed squarely at those who seek truth.  This site isn’t monetized because money isn’t the point.  If you take a look at my 2016 privacy write up, it should give you a better understanding of Google Analytics and why I don’t agree with tracking user activity on the site.  I’m not selling a product, I’m not asking for money and I don’t want your personal information to sell to data miners.  I may, from time to time, advocate for supporting certain causes by providing links to readers for donation purposes, but they will always point directly to the intended target.

Having said that, I am only one man and the machine is strong.  I need help from the most determined truth-seekers among our community to help sift through documents, research important issues and present facts to the people, in a digestible format that encourages sharing and activism.

Since the site operates in the red with minor infrastructure costs, contributions to this site are made pro bono.  I understand that may turn some otherwise interested parties away but they’re not the people this message is intended for anyway.  My target is those among us who are already researching, already reporting (through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, among other mediums), already presenting the people with information but lack the platform to present all the facts in one place; those of you with a finger on the pulse of your respective areas of interest, on issues traditional media is afraid to report on, or hesitates to tackle until sufficient public pressure mounts.

Requirements are fairly loose and identity disclosure is completely up to you.  You’re free to link to your respective social media profiles or websites – even other platforms you may regularly contribute to – provided they’re not hate-orientated.  I don’t think hate has ever solved anything; not without creating bigger problems as a result, at least.  Truth will win the day and after the dust settles maybe we can all retire many years from now knowing that we did our part during the dawning of the digital age to wake our sleeping brothers and sisters, marching towards a utopia where humanity can prosper peacefully.  We may never be perfect, but we can definitely get better and our struggle continues together.

In solidarity,

Jaime Chase Founder

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