Clinton Team Shrugs Off Recount Effort


Clinton team shrugs off recount effort

Jill Stein’s recounts have energized legions of hopeful Democrats. Not Hillary Clinton’s closest allies.

Hillary Clinton’s closest allies are irritated with Jill Stein.

Most of the small circle of operatives and friends surrounding the vanquished Democratic nominee have no illusions that the former Green Party candidate’s recount pushes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and maybe Michigan, will even come close to flipping the result of the presidential election. And they have no interest in handing Donald Trump another political victory when Stein’s efforts fall short.

Indeed, there’s no push to have Clinton say anything public about the recount — or even for anyone on the campaign side to weigh in beyond occasional blog posts and tweets from campaign lawyer Marc Elias.

The election, they know, is over.

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